WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Romania is the FSC partner in this process. WWF has the role to support the development of CNRA by facilitating a participatory and transparent process so that stakeholders can be involved in determining the risks for Romania.

For further details concerning the CNRA process in Romania please consult:

Radu Vlad – Forest Coordinator – WWF Romania
email: [email protected]

For further details concerning the consultation process in Romania please consult:

Serban Niculescu – Senior Forest Officer – WWF Romania
email: [email protected]

Indications for participation

In order to be taken into consideration during the consultation process, all comments submited by stakeholders have to meet the following requirements:

must be sent via e-mail to: [email protected]
must be submitted in the public consultation period: February 17, 2017 – March 19, 2017
comments must be written in English or Romanian
filling the fields marked with “*” is strongly recomended
comments must be included in the public consultation form

Note! In order for the proposals to be taken into consideration, these must be supported by technical arguments and clear evidence (eg. indication of legislative reasons, current practices and procedures, studies, statistics, etc.), providing the source of information, as appropriate (links, relevant documents, etc.)

Note! Personal data submitted in the consultation forms will not be made public.

Note! All comments sent by the interested public will be considered during the analysis later made by CNRA experts. They will form the basis for CNRA developments that will be further analyze and approve by the FSC International Policy and Standards Unit. The CNRA approval and publication for Romania is estimated for September 2017.