Custom legislation covering areas such as export/import licences, product classification (codes, quantities, qualities and species).

General Customs Directorate

(Documents or records formally required that can be used to indicate legality) Identification of applicable laws and regulations are additional to the CNRA template

Export/import licences

(Sources of information used to describe, identify and evaluate risk, such as reports, laws, regulations, articles, web pages news articles etc.).
Government sources (Annual report of the General Customs Directorate)

Non-Government sources

Overview of Legal Requirements

Required custom transport documentation must indicate:

(i) shipping date;
(ii) information on the sender, the recipient and the carrier;
(iii) description of shipped goods (type and quality); and
(iv) quantity.
Two copies of each transport document shall be issued; one is to be kept by the sender, the other by the recipient. Retention time shall be no less than 10 years.

Description of risk

From the Annual Report of the General Customs Directorate (Annex 13) no wood-based product was involved in violation of law or withholding of goods. As there is no export tax to be paid or log export bans, the incentives for violation of custom regulations are low, and there are no other indications timber going illegally through customs.

Risk conclusion

This indicator has been evaluated as low risk. Identified laws are upheld. Cases where law/regulations are violated are efficiently followed up by the authorities and/or by the relevant entities taking preventive actions.


  • Products shall be correctly classified (type, custom code, species, quantities, qualities, etc.).
  • All required import and exports permits shall be in place.

Country Specific

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